Saturday, March 23, 2013

Blog Love!!!

Been pretty busy with my jewellery and branding it, plus I'm a leader for my daughter's Brownie unit and planning things with them takes a lot of time, so sadly I have not been in a very crafty mood lately, but I have some really cool things planned for very soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, I do wanna show some bloggy love for one of my faves and inspiration, Mich L. in L.A.
I've been following her for a while, because a) she's fantastically creative, b) she's incredibly thrifty, and c) she has contests and you could win some of her crafty coolness!!! I've already won twice!!! And her pieces are some of the coolest, most commented on pieces I have!

Her post about turning a soother into a pendant was where I fell in love with upcycling and won my first pieces! Here's the link to Lightning In A Bottle, And the pics of the 2 pieces I received!!! And love!!!

And then I won this cute orange piece, Starburst
 So as you can see, she's incredible, makes cool things and you can get free stuff, so go check her out, if nothing else, you'll learn to make cool stuff too! =)
Peace, Bloggy Love and...
Happy Pinning!!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spiderweb Eyes Makeup

So I was perusing my Pinterest feed this morning when I noticed a friend pinning some cool spiderweb eye makeup tutorials. Maybe a little off the mark time wise, but some of her Pinspiration was so cool, I thought I'd share mine! That's right, I already did it last year! It was one of my fave costumes ever makeup wise. I attend my bro in law's Halloween Party every year with my hubby and it's absolutely my most favourite time of year! We've been Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I made my own turtle shell back packs, completely working too, by hand sewing octagons of fused garbage bags together! We were Mario and Princess Peach one year, I sewed my own costume, even making a 1UP Mushroom purse to go with mine! I'm a stay at home mom who doesn't get to party much, so I put a lot of effort into making Halloween the best time ever, lol! However, I wanted to keep it simple last year, I've always put so much effort into everything, mostly because I was still overweight from having babies and couldn't find plus size costumes I liked. As of last year though, finally, I lost some weight. I still didn't like any of the costumes though, so I ended up repurposing a black dress I had, and shortened a previous year's vampire cape, bought a cute little headband witch hat and some fishnet stockings and decided to really focus on having kick ass make up! I searched all over and finally found this YouTube tute on Pinterest and fell in love! I spent so much time looking for the perfect colours and products, and I got tons of compliments and friends "Like-ing" my FB pics from the night, it was awesome!
So here's the link to my Pinspiration, doesn't she look amazeballs!?!

And my version, only regret not picking a darker colour lip liner:

Thanks for taking a look, hope it inspires, and...
Happy Pinning!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Birth Stat Baby Blocks

The holidays are over!!! Yay!!! Sofor my last post about them, I thought I'd show you my Baby's Birth Stats Blocks. I have a new baby niece, who just turned 1 on December 1st. And knowing she had so many toys already, I decided to buy useful things for her birthday and got her some bath supplies. Which was great, who can't use stuff like that at that age. But now that left me with what on earth do I get her for Christmas?! I found a cute outfit, something useful, and a sweet little dolly, something playful, but it just wasn't quite enough. Knowing that her mom loves handmade things, I thought maybe I could make her some cute decor for her room. I was browsing Pinterest one day and came across exactly what I needed!!! Sure enough her mom loved it, and said they would make perfect bookends, I don't know about the originals, but mine come apart so they can be used however she wants too. 

Here's my Pinspiration:

And here's my version:

Happy Pinning!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post Snowmen Family

I had been racking my brain, trying to figure out something super cute I could make for my in laws and my parents for Christmas. Both sets of parents are the types of people who don't want or need anything, so I thought making something would be a little more from the heart and knowing them, they'd appreciate that more than anything. The trick when making something at my age though, is making sure it doesn't look like an arts n crafts project, I'm an artist at heart, so I believe in really making something you can be proud of first and foremost. And if you're going to make something for someone, make something you're good at. You want them to know it's from the heart, make something you've poured your heart into, it shows. So with that all being said, I love to recycle something ugly into something beautiful and being married to a carpenter I had the material on hand, it was super quick and easy, and it was a huge hit with both sets of parents. I also made some delicious muffins to go with these, if you decide to add a little something too, I highly recommend the Cora's Apple Maple muffins recipe, I made them for my Brownie unit for their sleepover breakfast and they loved them, my family tasted them and I've had to make several batches since for them, even our parents thought they were yummy too, they're great, and again, very easy.

So here's my Pinspiration:

Pinned Image

Happy Pinning!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY Elf on the Shelf (No-Sew!)

Up front n honest, I totally winged this one and didn't really think it would work, so there's no pics. I do feel as though it's so simple anyways, I can explain it pretty well.

2 styrofoam balls
red felt
green felt
elastics, preferably coloured ones to match felt, but whatever you have on hand will work
pipecleaners, 2 flesh coloured, 2 black if possible
yarn or string for hair, I used embroidery thread
a tube of fabric for face n body, like a sock or small sweatshirt sleeve, <- that's what I used

Step 1: Use elastic to make a sort of knot at the end of the tube of fabric. I used a white sleeve from a child's sz. 4-6 sweatshirt, and an elastic tied around the sleeve cuff. Insert a styrofoam ball inside for the head, positioning your knot on top, it'll be the hat in a minute, and tie that off with another elastic.

Step 2: Attach hair. I used brown embroidery thread, since it was already prepackaged in one big loop, I just twisted it into a double loop and placed it around the knot in the sleeve and positioned it where I thought the hair would lie.

Step 3: Cut a small piece of red felt and roll it into a cone/hat shape, place it over the knot, leaving just a small bit of the hair sticking out of the bottom. Secure with an elastic, if you have coloured ones, use red over red felt so it blends a little bit.

Step 4: Cut a triangular collar from the green and slide it up the sleeve so it's placed around his neck. Take some red and create an almost poncho type shape and slide it up around the neck part too.

Step 5: Insert another styrofoam ball in the fabric tube n use scissors to create small arm holes in the fabric tube as well as starter holes for the flesh coloured pipe cleaners. Then cut the fabric tube from the bottom up to the styrofoam ball, creating a "pants" like look, insert the black pipecleaners, I didn't have any, into the styrofoam ball so they become legs.

Step 6: Take green felt and cut loose shape of pants, front and back. Place them around the bottom of styrofoam ball like a waist and secure with another elastic. Shape the fabric tube pants around the pipecleaners to make legs thicker, then place the green felt pantlegs around them, with the seam showing towards the back and secure them with green elastics at the ankles. Roll the pipecleaner ends to make feet, or curly elf shoes.

Step 6: Back up to the shirt and arms. Cut a loose shirt shape from the red felt, secure it with seams showing to the back, at the waist, either red elastic to blend or black one to make a belt. Then secure the sleeves, again, try to keep the seems showing to the back, with red elastics at the wrists. Curl the pipecleaners up to become hands, use your markers to draw on a face, a little blush or eyeshadow for rosy cheeks, and voila, you're done! Now you've got your very own elf on the shelf, you made, your kids will love and treasure because you made it, and it didn't cost an arm n a leg.

Our Elf on the Shelf: Steve

For those of you who don't know, Elf on the Shelf has been a round a while, I think since the 60's, if you want more info, try Google or Wikipedia, and recently became popular again due to a rewrite, I believe. The story goes that an elf gets his magic when he's adopted and named by a family. His magic allows him to fly to the North Pole every night and back, and while there the elf reports back to Santa about how the kids behaved and whether they were naughty or nice. He then hides in the morning, usually doing something a little fun and mischievous, and the kids have to find him when they wake up. But be careful not to touch him when you find him because then he'll lose his magic!!! But, if you let him do his job, he'll disappear on Christmas Day and return next year, to start all over again! =)

We found Steve hang gliding from our ceiling fan this morning, lol! So go make one, start a fun new tradition with your kids, and Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Pinning!!!